Jiangsu Shuoying Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yancheng Xiongying Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.) specializes in making hydraulic cutting machine, die cutting machine, cold-press machine, high-speed slicing machine, multi-blade sawing machine, embossing machine and such other precision machines & general machines. Our company covers an area of 14000 m2?, as a large enterprise in this industry, we have powerful technical force, complete production equipment, nice environment and convenient transportation transportation condition. Our company is located in Yancheng City Dagang Industrial Zone of Jiangsu Province and this town is called as "China Shoe Machinery City", which belongs to National Spark Technology Concentration Area.
   We insist on technical innovation through updating domestic and overseas advanced production technologies and modern management mode ……
30T automatic Longmen cutting [2018/8/4]
150T floor cutting machine exp [2018/8/4]
50T precision four column hydr [2018/7/17]
35T full plate step automatic [2018/7/16]
18T microcomputer swing arm cu [2018/7/5]
30T precision four column hydr [2018/6/21]
Conventional series cutting equipment
Special cutting equipment for automotive interior and carpets(floors)
Special cutting equipment fo balls and sandpaper
Special half/full-cutting equipment for label(TM),etc
Special equipment for leather embossing and cloth material cutting
Add: No.9 Chengxiang road, Dagang Town, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, China
Mobile: 0086-13905104548
Http:www.xypgjx.com   www.xypgjx.cn

Company:Yancheng Xiongying Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.  Address:Ching Cheung Road No. 9, Dagang Town, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China  
Telephone:0086-515-88802122 88800878 88852466   Fax:0086-515-88852566   xy-cut@163.com  苏ICP备05033641号

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